How We Work

Easy access to evidence

We sort facts from fiction

Our business is putting knowledge to work for you

Mountains of publicly-funded research results are waiting to help your organization make wiser choices. Based in Waterloo, Ontario, we apply the systematic review methods of science and medicine to gather, weigh, and summarize the precise information you need now!

No need to wade through long-winded reports. Get our trustworthy and timely knowledge products designed to go directly to your boardroom table. We support lean startups and SMEs in industry, social service, private, and public enterprise.

Identifying your knowledge needs
We use an iterative process of delivering snapshots of research findings until your question is brought into perfect focus. Let’s talk about what evidence you need to inform your corporate decisions!

Finding and analysing the facts
We apply state-of-the-art, transparent methods of science. We scrutinize and deconstruct studies and claims. The research you commission is exhaustive, trustworthy, and dispassionate.

Summarizing the results
Levels of research detail are layered. Check out just the highlights, take-home messages, and narrated slideshows for immediate use in team meetings. Or easily dig deeper into the body of evidence. Examples